All the answers to your upcoming quiz and and exam are in the Test Bank

What is a Test bank?

A Test bank is a complete and prepackaged electronic resource for creating tests that is provided through educational institutions to teachers and lecturers for their teaching.

Written by the same publisher that provides the corresponding textbook, it is tailored to the contents of that individual textbook. Feedback is often provided on answers given by students, containing page references to the book.

Questions can be any of the following types:

• Multiple choice

• Multiple response

• True/false

• Fill in the blank

• Matching

• Essay/short answer

Test banks are available in a number of software formats to cater for a wide range of users, and are password-protected to ensure that only lecturers gain access.

What are the benefits of Test banks?

• They are provided via an institution’s preferred system

• Instructors do not need to leave the institution’s network

• Lecturers are able to save time writing tests, as the Test banks are complete prepackaged tests, with the exact questions and answers already written by textbook authors

• Lecturers can customize every part of each assessment to meet their teaching requirements

• Feedback can contain page references to relevant information in the textbook so students can learn as they do (formative) assessments

• Feedback can be turned off to enable summative assessment

• Lecturers save time marking each assessment

• Lecturers can integrate the assessments with their own assessment tools e.g. student tracking and grade books to monitor grades


How do I obtain a Test bank?

Any lecturer or teacher adopting a textbook is eligible for access to the password-protected lecturer area of an Online Resource Center, and this includes any Test bank content.

Lecturers should register for access on the textbook’s Online Resource Center. All password applications are checked and, once positively verified, are activated immediately. Once registered and provided with a password, the lecturer should go back to the textbook’s Online Resource Center.

All our Test banks are available in Word format, which offers the easy functionality without requiring additional software, such as Respondus. It enables individuals who do not have the relevant software/systems set up to make use of the questions and answers and print them out.