Testbank for Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Parrino

Testbank for Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Parrino

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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 2e reflects the reality that Finance as an intellectual discipline continues to be challenged by the experiences and events of market activity. Following the global financial crisis (GFC), mangers have embarked on even more uncertain times. Thus, although the teaching of finance may have remained robust as a framework of conceptual thought, it is imperative that students come to realise that “finance is not physics”, by which we mean that even a concept as foundational to financial management as the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) should not be interpreted as a literal truth. This leads to a consideration of managing risk and risk management approaches as having behavioural aspects that are the outcomes of a manager’s or the firm’s accumulated experience. They cannot always be reduced to the simple directives of a quantitative algorithm.


The text helps students develop the intuition and analytical skills necessary to effectively apply financial tools in real–world decision–making situations.  The text provides a fully integrated framework for understanding how value creation relates to all aspects of corporate finance:  whether it be evaluating an investment opportunity, determining the appropriate financing for a business, or managing working capital.  This unique and integrated framework also enables students to develop problem solving and decision–making skills.


The 2nd edition has undergone a thorough revision to the end of chapter materials, and the internal design of the book has been revamped to make it more visually appealing.  As a result the text is far easier to navigate for students and is significantly more engaging in its presentation.


The ground breaking Wiley E–Text version of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 2e  features narrated concept summaries, animated demo problems, stepped tutorials and interactive end of chapter materials to allow students to attempt the problems in the text and receive immediate  feedback.   Students can also do key word searches within the E–Text, highlight content of interest and make notes.   Wiley The E–Text can be used on all popular platforms and devices including OC, Mac, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire.


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